Craigslist ditches personals advertisements following passage of sex-trafficking law

You can find nearly anything on Craigslist. Other than a date, thanks to new sex-trafficking legislation gone by Congress. The online website, which includes free categorized advertisements for everything from tasks to real estate to dispose trucks, closed down its personals areas Friday for U.S. websites. In a declaration published online, the company states it dropped the areas following passage of the Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act by Congress, meant to punish sex trafficking of kids. “US Congress just passed HR 1865, “FOSTA,” looking for to subject sites to criminal and civil liability when 3rd parties (users) abuse online personals unlawfully,” checks out the notification. “Any tool or service can be misused. We cannot take such risk without threatening all our other services, so we are regretfully taking craigslist personals offline. Ideally we can bring them back some day.”.

The website included, “To the countless partners, partners, and couples who satisfied through craigslist, we want you every joy!” President Donald Trump has not yet signed the Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act, which passed your home 388-25 and the Senate by 97-2, reported National Public Radio. The act makes publishing or hosting online prostitution advertisements a federal criminal offense, according to Rolling Stone. It also enables sex-trafficking victims to take legal action against online publishers for third-party posts on their websites. Personals areas are still available on Craigslist outside the United States and the “missed out on connections” area stays in place for U.S. visitors, according to NPR.

Craigslist had formerly hosted an “sensual services” area, where people honestly promoted sex, but changed the name to “adult services” in 2009 after a Boston medical student was implicated of eliminating a female he fulfilled through the website. Philip Markoff, called the “Craigslist Killer,” dedicated suicide in prison in 2010, ABC News reported. Craigslist later on dropped the “adult services” area in 2010, driving a few of the advertisements into the staying personals areas for people looking for dates, though the advertisements broke website policy and were gotten rid of if found.

On Thursday, Reddit revealed a policy change “prohibiting deals for specific items and services,” consisting of guns, drugs, sexual deals, taken items and falsified files.” The policy change includes, “remember that Reddit is not meant to be used as a market and takes no duty for any deals individual users may choose to carry out in spite of this,” the declaration concludes. “Always keep in mind: you are handling complete strangers on the web.”